One of the biggest yearnings I see is women craving a new way of doing business and being in a business that honors the whole of them…their smart practical self and their intuitive, passionate, creative self!

~Laura West


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I have created this amazing program called the Business Fusion Studio. It’s an incubator where you get to discover, play, and learn how to open up your creative self expression in business… and then apply that creativity into foundational marketing strategies.

As you expand your personal creativity, you expand your business creativity.

Your creativity is how you show up with your personal brand and style. It’s what attracts more visibility, gets attention and engagement, and how you create products and programs that are irresistible to your tribe.

But you won’t get it with just doing more marketing… you’ve got to let your creative voice, style, and message rise out of the clutter of a crowded market.

That’s where the Business Fusion Studio will help you!

This is an interactive community and learning environment for you to find your creative spirit, passionate movement, and personal leadership style so that you can step into that Creative Inspirational Leader you desire to be!

In this program I bring the messy, playful, intuitive experience of creativity tools TOGETHER with practical marketing strategies! That’s the FUSION! When they come together…. you get MAGIC!

You truly tap into your unique creative power! And your business flourishes and expands.

I’ve made it fun, interactive, and easy!

Did I mention you’re gonna be inspired too?


Presenting Business Fusion Studio:

Creativity + Passion + Changing Lives + Authentic Success


swirl-greenI’ve created this program for:

Right-brain creative types who want to learn how to use unique creativity in marketing and business


Left-brain practical types who desire to bring more creativity and YOU into marketing!

Business Fusion Studio is a series of
Creative Modules delivered over 8 months

May – December 2013

Every month you’ll receive a:

  • Personal Creativity Module
  • Creative Marketing Module
  • Guest Business Muse Tool
  • LIVE Business Fusion Call with Laura



(Sorry, I just have to rave… because I’m so excited to be creating and bringing this to you!)


“I believe that everyone is creative… it’s just a matter of practicing that creative muscle every day!”

~Laura West


You use your creativity in everything you do: conversations, responses to emails, creating programs and products, designing new sales pages, writing articles, blog posts, creating videos, and even in social media conversations.

When you open up your personal creativity, you open up your business creativity!

The Business Fusion Studio helps you do both in a fun, easy, creatively-accessible, and yet amazingly practical way!


swirl-yellowRead on for more juicy details!

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JackieNees“I’m so excited to be here in the Business Fusion Studio!

Creativity was once an important part of my life. Writing, painting, drawing were all things that helped me express who I was. That creative fire dissipated as life got in the way.

I’m an Online Marketing and Communications Specialist, and although I love what I do, nothing makes me happier than getting down and dirty with a blank page and colorful markers and letting the contents of my soul pour out.

I’m thrilled about this program and what it will do not only for my business, but for my own personal journey. Thank you so much for giving me permission to let myself play in a way that will help to release and reveal what is inside of me once again. I look forward to merging the person that I was with the person I have not yet discovered. Excited to get to know everyone as we create beautiful businesses together.”

~ Jackie Nees | Online Marketing & Communications Specialist