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We’re so glad you’re here to help us promote the Business Fusion Studio.  We appreciate you!

We want to make this easy for you, because we know the easier we make it for you to promote the webinar, the more engaged you’ll be (which will be profitable and successful for us all!).

1. Grab your unique affiliate link below and attach to graphics, copy, and hyperlinks. (If you don’t see your name on the list below, be in touch with Dawn Goldberg, and she’ll be happy to get you one!)

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3. Schedule your solo email to promote Business Fusion Studio sometime between now and December 1. (Hint: The month your Creative Tool goes live is a perfect time to promote Business Fusion Studio.) See below for sample email copy. Of course, feel free to craft your own! We’ve even included some lovely pictures for you to insert in your emails and/or on your blog.  Make sure to link them to your affiliate ID!

4. We are happy to give your list peeps a special coupon code so they can get the Business Fusion Studio All-Access Pass for $297 (regular price is $397).  We’ll set the coupon up so that they have three (3) days to take advantage of the coupon. Let us know when you plan on promoting (usually corresponds with the first promo email and ends on last promo email date), and we’ll set up the coupon code and send to you.

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Marcy Nelson-Garrison:  http://centerforjoyfulbusiness.com/cmd.php?Clk=5046907

Jill Badonsky: http://centerforjoyfulbusiness.com/cmd.php?Clk=5047753

Jennifer Lee: http://centerforjoyfulbusiness.com/cmd.php?Clk=5047758

Gina Bell: http://centerforjoyfulbusiness.com/cmd.php?Clk=5047759

Gail McMeekin: http://centerforjoyfulbusiness.com/cmd.php?Clk=5043604

Paula Scardamalia: http://centerforjoyfulbusiness.com/cmd.php?Clk=5059902

Jan Stringer: http://centerforjoyfulbusiness.com/cmd.php?Clk=5106199


Solo email sample copy:

Email #1

SUBJECT: Business Fusion Studio – Where Passion, Creativity, & Business Meet

Hi {Firstname},

Business Fusion Studio is here… it’s something you’ve never seen before!

It’s  THE creative business program for inspired, visionary, and passionate entrepreneurs… like you!

One of the biggest yearnings I see is women (and some savvy men!) craving a new way of doing business and being in a business that honors the whole of them… their smart practical self and their intuitive, creative self.

My friend and colleague Laura West created this new amazing program called the Business Fusion Studio where you get to practice, play, and learn how to open up your creative self expression… and then apply that creativity into foundational marketing strategies.

Creativity + Passion + Business

It’s the idea that when you cultivate and unleash your Personal Creativity, you can’t help but see your Business Creativity soar as well.

That’s what will get attention and attract potential clients and joint venture partners like nectar to honey!


Business Fusion Studio… [LINK TO YOUR AFFILIATE ID]
where passion, creativity, and business meet!


You’ll receive a series of Personal Creativity and Creative Marketing modules delivered over 8 months, from May – December 2013.

Each month, there will be a new Personal Creativity Module as well as a Creative Marketing Module… 16 in all.

You can buy these modules individually – very affordable if you want to pick and choose your interests.

AND – you can also get the All-Access Pass, which gives you – EACH MONTH – all this incredible creative business goodness:

  • Personal Creativity Module
  • Creative Marketing Module
  • Guest Business Muse Tool
  • LIVE Business Fusion Call with Laura

These Creative Modules are going to be an interactive learning tools using video, audio, PDFs, worksheets, and more! These are creative tools for the expansion and growth of your business as a Creative Inspirational Leader!

Check out Business Fusion Studio [LINK TO YOUR AFFILIATE ID] for more info, including a description of each of the 16 juicy Creative Modules, the Guest Business Muses we have lined up, and more.

Get started now… this cool, membership studio is open (you are gonna love this new educational program delivery system!)… so you can come in and introduce yourself to all the members who have already joined!

It’s growing fast!

This is definitely a milestone program in my business… I know it’s going to shift your creativity, confidence and courage in YOUR business!

Come on in…[LINK TO YOUR AFFILIATE ID]  we are waiting for you!

Together on a creative journey for a new business paradigm…

Your signature


Email #2

SUBJECT:  Look at these Creative Modules!

The Business Fusion Studio is a never-before-seen program helping you become more creative in business AND life!

I whole-heartedly believe… The more you open your personal creativity, the more wide open your business creativity becomes! And THAT’S what stands out and attracts people and opportunities to you!

My awesome business girlfriend, Laura West, created these amazing Creative Modules delivered each month May – December. Take a sneak peek:


You can buy these Creative Modules individually, or you can get an All-Access Pass for the entire 8 months, plus more goodies!


Check out the details on the Business Fusion Studio site. [LINK TO YOUR AFFILIATE ID]


These multi-media learning modules:  creative, fun, courageously stretching… to create big shifts in your Creative Thought Leadership!

See you in the Studio!

Your signature


Tweets (140 characters or fewer):

I love how Laura West @JoyfulBiz brings together creative & practical for whole brain business LINK

What happens to your biz when you cultivate your personal creativity? Find out at Business Fusion Studio LINK

Want to create easy Photo Quotes, Graphic Quotes and Photo Tips? Check out Laura West @JoyfulBiz module: LINK

Want to learn how to Create An Intuitive Joy Journal?&how it will ignite your Creative Business Spirit too! LINK

I heart Business Fusion Studio – Where Creativity, Passion, & Business Meet  LINK

Calling all Creative Inspirational Leaders! Check out these Creative Modules for the Business Fusion Studio by Laura LINK

Isn’t it time to bring the creative & practical together for “whole brain” business? You can at Business Fusion Studio LINK

I love Laura West’s @JoyfulBiz – Business Fusion Studio – Where Creativity, Passion, & Business Meet! Check it out! LINK

I am so excited to be a Guest Business Muse for Laura West’s @JoyfulBiz Business Fusion Studio! Join us! LINK


Social Media updates longer than 140 characters:

 I so believe in doing business a new way, one which combines creative and practical for whole brain business.  I love how @Laura West is doing this with her free Discover Your Passion Project teleclass.  LINK

I <3 Business Fusion Studio – where creativity, passion, and business meet! It truly is a playground for entrepreneurs who want to combine the creative and practical! LINK

I love @Laura West’s Business Fusion Studio, where creativity, passion, and business meet!  Check it out: LINK

I am so excited and honored to be a Guest Business Muse for @Laura West’s Business Fusion Studio. I get to play with creativity in business in the cool playground!  LINK


Pictures/images you can use with your social media updates (just make sure to link to your affiliate ID to make it easy!):



Business Fusion Studio banner



Screen shot of all 16 Creative Modules



All-Access Pass to the Business Fusion Studio


joy_journal_collageJoy Journal Collage – example from one of the Creative Modules