Be Creatively Alive – Open Your Creative Aliveness in YOU and Your Business!

Here Are Your Webinar Recordings


We had hundreds sign up for Be Creatively Alive – Open Your Creative Aliveness in YOU and Your Business! webinar last week… I’d say there is a HUGE yearning to bring creativity into our lives – AND big time into our businesses!

If you were on it live, then you know… What an amazing webinar! If you missed it live, get a cup of tea and pull up your chair! You are going to want to watch & be inspired!

Here are some of the highlights:

  • We talked about my creativity journey and how I went from being called “analytical & logical” to being known for my creativity!
  • What happens when you open up your personal creativity in your business… it’s good stuff and proven by research!
  • Introducing Whole Brain Business – right-brain creativity meets left-brain practical.
  • 4 Steps for How To Open Up Your Creative Aliveness.
  • Activating Your Creative Power Centers in Your Business.
  • The importance of committing to practicing your creativity.
  • And then a Creative Exercise – in real-time – right there on the screen – with Energy Intention Circles. This was fun – and very intuitive!

If you saw our email on Friday, then you know we had some technical difficulties.  It can be tough for technology to keep up with us as fast as we’re moving! AND… instead of one big, long recording, because of the technical glitches, we have the webinar divided into 4 parts… easier for you to watch in segments.

If you missed it, or you want to watch again, click videos below. There’s a ton of valuable information, as well as a visual feast to get your creative juices going!

Be Creatively Alive – Part 1: Creativity in Business

Be Creatively Alive – Part 2: Creative Aliveness in You & Your Business

Be Creatively Alive – Part 3: Creative Power Centers & 4 Steps to Creative Aliveness

Be Creatively Alive – Part 4: Energy Intention Circle Creative Exercise


And announcing…

We have opened the doors to…

Business Fusion Studio


On the webinar I announced that we are launching a brand new program, Business Fusion Studio.

If you love what I talk about in the Be Creatively Alive webinar and videos – you are going to love this program!

Here’s the quick overview:

It’s an 8-month program with two Creative Modules delivered each month, a Personal Creativity Module and a Creative Marketing Module.

You can buy any one (or more!) of the 16 juicy Creative Modules, or you can get in on the All-Access Pass, where you get

  • all 16 Creative Modules
  • additional Creative Tools from Guest Business Muses,
  • live Open Q&A Business Fusion call with me.

I haven’t seen anything like this out there, so come take a look. You’ll be inspired!


Business Fusion Studio – Where Creativity, Passion, & Business Meet.


Note: We have opened our doors through our Grand Opening on Monday, May 6, you can buy the All-Access Pass for only $297.

I have to say that this program, Business Fusion Studio, is one of the best things I’ve ever created… it’s bringing in all my years of experience, passion, desire, know-how, models, tools… into one place. This idea of cultivating our Personal Creativity and how that (positively!) impacts our Business Creativity is – in my belief – is the secret to  business success that you are looking for!

This is truly a multi-media experience, creativity injection, and heart-based community… all rolled into one!

I’m ready for an incredible journey into Passion, Creativity, and Business – are you?

Creatively Yours,

Laura West, CPCC
Center for Joyful Business

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