Business Fusion Studio 2013 is a learning environment with
a series of Creative Modules delivered over 8 months

May – December 2013


swirl-yellowEvery month you’ll receive a:

  • Personal Creativity Module (week 1)
  • Creative Marketing Module (week 2)
  • Guest Business Muse Tool (week 3)
  • LIVE Business Fusion Call with Laura (week 4)

The Creative Modules

  • Each one will be anywhere from short, 20-minutes to longer 60-minute lessons, depending on the topic.
  • They will be a combination of video, audio, photos, pdf instructions, and worksheets… and maybe some other surprise technologies too!
  • You will receive an email link to the module once it is live and available.
  • You can download the module tools or watch/read/listen online.
  • These creative modules will be delivered to you as soon as they’re available through our new Ruzuku educational platform so they will be well-organized and professionally delivered. (I’m so excited about the possibilities!)
  • You will even be able to see which Creative Modules you’ve looked at and completed… and which ones you still want to complete.
  • Every Creative Module is interactive as well.  You can post questions, ideas, and resources right there under each lesson.  You can also post your own successes: pictures or videos of what you did during that Creative Module so we can encourage you!

Guest Business Muses

swirl-orangeI have invited 8 of the best creative and successful creative entrepreneurs to be our monthly Guest Business Muses.  Every month they will share with you a favorite tool or process they use with their clients that combines creativity and business.

Each Guest Business Muse will share a business tool along with their Creative Module that you can use in your own business. They’ll be delivered in a combination of video, audio, interviews, worksheets, photos and more!


Business Fusion LIVE Call with Laura

Every month I’ll host a LIVE call where I’ll review the Business Fusion tools you’ve received this month, answer your questions, and give you guidance and coaching to move through the process.


Private Facebook Group

I am known for attracting really cool, creative, ambitious, and supportive people to my programs.

You’ll get to meet and connect with all the other creative entrepreneurs who are in the Business Fusion Studio. It’s like a big group of creative, supportive women in a coffee shop!  Loving, supportive, encouraging, and full of ideas and inspiration! (My clients LOVE this!)

Sound A-M-A-Z-I-N-G so far?


Your Next Step:

You have a couple of different ways you can participate.

Option #1: You can purchase a Single Creative Module for $47


Option #2: You can get everything above I just talked about with the All-Access Pass.





Reminder: You can only get the Live Calls with Laura,
Guest Business
Muse Modules, and Private Facebook
Group with the All-Access Pass


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NancyMcMillan“I am loving the Business Fusion Studio, offered by the fabulous and inspiring Laura West. Although I’m only in the first week, the course is loaded with fun, inspiring content that has gotten me immediately moving into creating an Intuitive Joy Journal. I can already feel the joy and creative ideas bubbling up. I just know this is going to be a wonderful journey full of surprises and play. The way Laura gives us permission to play is liberating and taps into a part of me that I was neglecting. I am juiced about where this is going to take me, in my writing career and in my personal life.

I’ve always loved to doodle and play with color – now I’m hooked on putting all kinds of things in my joy journal: dreams, celebrations, happy moments. Art supply stores, here I come! The Ruzuku platform is fun and easy to use, and the support team is awesome.”

Nancy McMillan | Author of March Farm: Season by Season on a Connecticut Family Farm


PaulaRosario“No one knows creativity in business like Laura does, so when she created the Business Fusion Studio, I was immediately sold!  My main objective for joining the Studio is to get the creative juices flowing and sustain the flow to create some major shifts in my business

I have known Laura since her corporate days (I’m her very first coaching client!).  She was a thought leader then, and she is a creative thought leader and pioneer of creativity in business now

I wouldn’t miss this experience to learn, grow, create, and have fun!”

Paula G. Rosario | Transformational MOMS Expert & Certified Energy Coach